2nd International Symposium on ISIPPE-2
Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement (ISIPPE-2)
Date: 5th - 6th June 2024, Nairobi, Kenya

Last Updated: 05 June 2024

2nd International Symposium on Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement (ISIPPE-2) Program

Live Stream

Thematic Areas

The overall theme of the symposium is “Uniting against counterfeits for a healthy and safe future.”
The symposium has four (4) thematic areas:


Innovation and Technology

In the digital age, innovation and technology play pivotal roles in both the advancement of legitimate businesses and the sophistication of counterfeit operations.


Policy, Regulation and Enforcement

Robust enforcement mechanisms are essential for deterring counterfeiters and maintaining the integrity of intellectual property rights.


Research and Capacity Building

Research and capacity building are foundational elements of successful anti-counterfeiting strategies


Education and Engagement

Educating consumers about the risks associated with counterfeit products is critical for safeguarding their rights and well-being.

Format and Structure

The symposium will feature keynote addresses, expert panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking sessions.

A virtual component will ensure broader participation and accessibility, particularly for stakeholders unable to attend in person. Post-event publications and resources will disseminate key findings, recommendations, and action plans to a wider audience and facilitate ongoing collaboration.


Representatives from WIPO, Interpol, World Customs Organisation


IP Legal experts


National & Regional Regulatory Authorities .

Industry leaders

Private Sector Players

Technology providers

Sponsorship Packages

Recognition as a sponsor through sponsor adverts, media mentions, acknowledgements and MC mentions during the conference, etc


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